Getting ready to replace the agingserver? Know your options!

Getting ready to replace the aging server? Know your options!

EVO IT can offer all the below options that make the large investment of a local server, a thing of the past.

Storage – We provide storage offerings that replicates local files seamlessly. While giving the user the ability to access all files, from home or office.

Emails – Leave that to us with EVO Hosted Mail!

Printers – We setup your printers to be managed without the need of a print server, giving all machines the access to scan, copy, and print.

Antivirus – EVO IT includes Anti-Virus with all of our managed service products. Easily managed from any browser.

ERP – We have experience deploying several ERP options (Oracle, SAGE, Workday) that are server free!

Active Directory – We offer user profile management options that make a Windows based active directory server look like the fax machine you never use.

We do all this with cyber security standards that meet ITIL, HIPAA, and NIST qualifications. Making sure that your data stays safe.

Contact us today, and let us help evolve your business!